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You’re in the right place if:

  • You secretly admire the calligraphy craze on Instagram. You’re inspired to stretch your creative muscles. You wonder if this could be your new form of self-expression.
  • You’re searching for a fun and meaningful experience to share with your partner, besties, team, or community group.

No matter where you are in your journey, my calligraphy workshops will refresh your heart and empower you with the creative tools to live an inspired and intentional life of impact.

What kind of creative inspiration do you want to connect to?

Technical Foundations

These workshops focus on equipping you with a foundation of technical tools for your continuing creative adventures. With a focus on building your creative confidence in an encouraging environment, perfection police are not allowed. Leave feeling relaxed after getting into the flow and space of slowness and presence that the practice of calligraphy builds.
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Learn the foundational strokes that make up the entire alphabet of script lettering. Starting with basic pressures of the pen, you’ll experience steady progress and confidence from connecting strokes into letters into words. A great foundation to learn proper letter forms before moving on to try trickier tools like metal nib pointed pen or watercolor brush calligraphy.

Learn the same foundational strokes of script lettering from the Brush Pen Basics class, but with a a real paint brush. Starting with basic pressures of the paint brush, you’ll experience steady progress from connecting strokes into letters into words. Learn basic watercolor techniques applied to lettering.

Learn the process of developing a quote, from concept to finish. Learn key principles of what makes a design strong in laying out multiple words. You’ll explore several concepts of a phrase of your choice, and you’ll experience the joy of finishing a complete concept.

Building on brush script lettering basic foundations, you’ll explore finding your own style. You’ll also learn the foundations of adding flourishes and ligatures (a fancy word for connecting letters in special ways, ooo lala!) You’ll also develop your eye for fine tuning common lettering errors. Prerequisite: Brush Pen Basics or Watercolor Brush Basics or equivalent experience.

Heart-centred Creative Expression

Focusing on creative exploration (and zero technical how-to's), these workshops will empower you with expressive lettering as a tool for self-care and compassion. Engage in an intentional space of reflection through guided prompts, visualization, journalling, and creative exercises. Experience belonging as you share in meaningful conversations in a collaborative community.
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Reflect on what your life is speaking, and write truth into your heart. Release the power of gratitude as you explore  expressive lettering as a tool to recognize, honour, and celebrate all that is going on in your life. Leave with fresh perspective and courage to engage both the joyful and challenging times.

Set your intentions, craft your life vision, and connect with your values and dreams. Create a unique portable accordion style mini book as a powerful reminder of your vision. Leave with a renewed perspective and heart to embrace the season ahead with clarity, confidence, and intention.

Explore the power of words to bring life and healing, to our own hearts, to others and the world. You’ll use expressive lettering to write impactful affirmations and reminders for yourself and as a gift to others. 

If you are hungry for God yet struggle with wandering lack of focus during prayer, come explore expressive lettering and journaling together with an ancient spiritual exercise called the Daily Prayer of Examen as a tool for reflecting on God’s movement in our lives in a focused way. This workshop is enjoyed most by faith-based fellowship groups, but is accessible and welcome to all spiritual seekers at various places in their faith journey.

[Public workshops are available in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and periodically in other cities by request. Custom private workshops are available for hire for retreats, team building, special events, parties, or fundraising campaigns (special rates for non-profit or community organizations).]

More than just a calligraphy class...

Heart centered

We go deeper than pretty letters, beyond technique, empowering you to create with confidence and write truth into your heart. You'll feel less stress, more calm, greater self-awareness, and courage to re-engage your life and world with intentionality.

Community building

In an age of disconnection and loneliness, we engage you in conversation and meaningful connection with others in community and a greater purpose. Everything we do invests back in the community.

Catalyzing impact

We share the messages of our hearts by writing notes of positivity we donate to women in recovery. 10% of proceeds are invested in community causes. By getting creative and using your art for impact, your heart feels good for doing good.

Every It Just Flows Calligraphy workshop invites you to donate your practice lettering in the form of notes of positivity donated to women in recovery. 10% of all proceeds goes to support the good work of organizations who are fighting to end sexual exploitation in Vancouver, and globally.