You’re in the right place if:

You’re secretly admiring the calligraphy craze on Instagram. You want to try your hand at it, but you lack creative confidence. You have no idea where to start.

Your used to love arts and crafts as a kid, but life has squelched any space for creative fun. You’re looking for a new creative outlet.

You’re a closet calligrapher, dabbling on your own at home through youtube videos, blogs, or instagram lettering challenges. You’re ready to take your lettering to the next level.

No matter where you are in your lettering journey, I invite you to join me, Justine Hwang, for my calligraphy workshops in Vancouver, BC where I will teach you lettering as a tool for creative self-care and social impact.

Come and show up for yourself (bring a friend if you like!), have fun, and refresh your heart with the creative tools to live an inspired and intentional life of impact.


Technical Foundations

These workshops focus on equipping you with a foundation of technical tools for all your lettering adventures. With a focus on building your creative confidence in an encouraging environment, perfection police are not allowed.

Leave feeling relaxed after getting into the flow and space of slowness and presence that the practice of calligraphy builds.


Creative Expression

Focusing on creative exploration (and less on precise technical how-to's), these workshops will empower you with expressive lettering as a tool for self-care and compassion, focusing on topics like gratitude, vision boards and meditating on the meaning of words.

Engage in an intentional space of reflection through guided prompts, visualization, journalling, and creative exercises. Experience belonging as you share in meaningful conversations in a collaborative community.

Why Choose It Just Flows Calligraphy Workshops?



We go deeper than pretty letters, beyond technique, empowering you to create with confidence and write truth into your heart. You'll feel less stress, more calm, greater self-awareness, and courage to re-engage your life and world with intentionality.


Community building

In an age of disconnection and loneliness, we engage you in conversation and meaningful connection with others in community and a greater purpose. Everything we do invests back in the community.


Making impact in the world

We share the messages of our hearts by writing notes of positivity we donate to women in recovery. 10% of proceeds are invested in community causes. By getting creative and using your art for impact, your heart feels good for doing good.

Positive Words

“I feel more confident and alive when I connect with other people in the community. Justine’s workshops are a fun way to connect, to develop a new skill, and to do something tactile. Writing encouraging notes to women in recovery makes you realize how much you need that encouragement yourself, and you feel connected them. Just writing those words of positivity, you’re feeding those truths into yourself.” ~Naomi

“Justine’s workshops connected me to my younger self. Connecting in conversation and community with others brought out a whole new side of me. I used to have huge expectations of art, but now I nurture it slowly and regularly. I love how it feeds me and in turn feeds others when I share my creations with others as a gift. I enjoy when people come together for a greater purpose, using words as a powerful way to impact others for good.” ~Heng-zi

PUBLIC CALLIGRAPHY WORKSHOPS are available in Vancouver, BC, Canada,

and periodically in other cities by invitation and request. Past cities include Toronto, Calgary, Chicago.

CUSTOM PRIVATE CREATIVE WORKSHOPS are available for hire for:

  • Corporate team building

  • Events and celebrations

  • Retreats and fellowships

  • Community outreach

  • Non profit fundraisers