“A dreamlike experience.”

Justine’s workshops connected me to my younger self. Connecting in conversation and community with others also <b>brought out a whole new side of me. </b>I used to have huge expectations of art, but now I nurture it slowly and regularly. I love how it feeds me and in turn feeds others when I share my creations as gifts. I enjoy when people come together <b>for a greater purpose, using words as a powerful way to impact others for good. </b>

“I can’t wait until next summer!”

Justine’s workshop <b>sparked a passion</b> that was dormant for 30 years. She is much more than explaining how to form letters. She's passionate about the messages and words and delivering them in a beautiful way. <b>There was this excitement in the group,</b> it was fun and enjoyable. I was moved by the connection to social justice, having a cause, being in community, <b>writing and sharing ideas, laughing, doing something fun for positive change. </b>


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— Travel Daily


“Everything we wanted and more.”

I feel more confident and alive when I connect with other people in the community. Justine’s workshops are a fun way to connect, to develop a new skill, and to do something tactile. Writing encouraging notes to women in recovery makes <b>you realize how much you need that encouragement.</b> I felt sort of connected to the needs of people I didn’t even know. Just writing those <b>words of positivity, you’re feeding those truths into yourself.</b><br>

— L.G.


I was nervous but Justine really focuses on where you are, not getting constrained in technical perfection, yet giving you enough technical knowledge necessary to expand. <b>Getting into the flow and space of slowness, helped me identify it’s something I really need</b>. The heart workshops connected me to the value of building connections and community. That’s what keeps me <b>exploring where this can have impact on the community and connecting with more people.</b>

— M.L.


“Stellar, professional service.”

I’ve been scared to do calligraphy because I can be such a perfectionist. Justine holds <b>a supportive, loving, and inspiring space where I overcame a huge block</b> around creativity. I felt safe to explore my feelings, put down my judgment and simply create. I articulated a piece of gratitude that <b>feels like a celebration </b>to me. It was the laughter and fun of the day that effortlessly led me over my own hurdles.<br>

— L.I.

“4 thumbs way up from my 2 sons!”

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— S.L.


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