Justine Hwang

Educator & FACilitator on Creative Wellness &
Community building



Crafting Insightful Talks and Collaborative Creative Workshops

Building Transformational Learning Experiences for Your Group

Rooted in her own life experience, Justine shares honestly about the power of self awareness, community, and creativity in the healing journey.
With 20 years of experience in leadership and spiritual development, adult education, and communications, Justine crafts talks and facilitates workshop experiences that are engaging and encouraging. She empowers people with practical takeaways on topics including:

• Mental Health • Emotional Wellness • Burnout
• Vision & Values • Mindfulness • Self Care • Self Awareness • Soul Care • Prayer

Cultivating Mindfulness through
Creativity • Compassion Calligraphy
• Embracing Creativity and Imperfection

• Building Belonging through Community and Hospitality
• Sharing Your Passion through Workshops • Creating Transformative Learning
• Holding Spaces that are Psychologically Safe

• Cultivating Your Calling, Purpose, and Values • Beginning Your Justice Journey • Building a Social Impact Business • Addressing Racism from the Inside Out

Justine loves to engage and empower the community through:

  • workshops
  • podcast interviews
  • panels
  • speaking
  • creative live event experiences

Speaker Bio

Justine Hwang is a burnout survivor, social impact calligrapher, and creative workshop facilitator. She is passionate about creating spaces where art and conversation become a bridge to explore self awareness around topics like mental health and racism, both at a personal and societal level. She crafts experiences that empower compassionate doers to build a sustainable life with intention, so they can impact their world from a full heart. She brings 20 years of experience in leadership and spiritual development, adult education, and communication in the non profit start up world.

After burning out from a life of saying yes to everything, in her recovery she tapped into the healing power of community, and rediscovered the therapeutic nature of her childhood love of calligraphy. As the founder of It Just Flows, she hosts workshops teaching creative tools for mindfulness, where she holds space for people to connect with their hearts, with others, and the community by donating handlettered encouragement notes to marginalized neighbors.

She is the Vancouver chapter leader of the Rising Tide Society and is honoured to be chosen as one of 2019’s “20 on the Rise,” a celebration of individuals who are making waves and raising the tide in their industry, based on empowerment, impact, purpose, and passion.

“I’ll moderate a panel with Justine any day! Justine’s ability to articulate her responses in a thoughtful, succinct, and passionate way keeps the panel flowing and the audience enthralled and engaged. Her heart shines bright from the front of the room while at the same time creating an intimate connection with everyone in the audience. Justine is one of my favourite go-to’s when referring panelists and she’ll soon become yours!”

Lindsay Johnson

Business Strategy Coach

Justine’s approach was very engaging, and I found myself really pulled in and actively participating immediately. Every step of her process was unique. Her leadership through the exercises was clear and approachable, kind and full of grace. Never in my life have 2 hours flown by so quickly! Still, days later, I am thinking about some of the things we worked on, and I will be building in some time to my schedule each week to look through the notes and build on them, while working on some of the questions that came up for me during the session. Thank you Justine! It was a life-changing session for me!


Wedding Event Planner

Justine’s workshops are brilliant. She sets a beautiful tone that immediately puts everyone at ease and allows you to relax and become present (not something I find easy normally!) before diving straight into the learning. She is incredibly knowledgeable and a fantastic instructor, but also brings something rare to her workshops which is a safe space to connect with yourself and the other attendees, to experiment (and make mistakes!) with zero judgement, and to spend a few hours being blissfully mindful. Worth every penny — and much more!


Entrepreneur, Branding Coach

Justine held a supportive, loving, and inspiring space where I overcame a huge block and fear around creativity, putting down my judgment and simply created. The laughter and fun of the day effortlessly led me over my own hurdles.


Web Designer, Sunlight Insight

I needed a peaceful creative experience so badly. Justine’s warmth made everyone at ease and created a safe and welcoming learning environment. It was a beautiful experience how Justine connected our hearts and minds while teaching us creative skills. Justine has a gift.



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