You’ve wanted to (or even tried) calligraphy, but…

The voice of your inner perfectionist keeps you paralyzed from starting or makes you quit before you can really find your creative flow.

You don’t know where to start. What pen, ink and paper do you buy? Google overwhelms you with too much information and choice.

You get discouraged because there’s such an uncomfortable gap from what’s on your page and what you see on Instagram or YouTube.

 Let’s get you unstuck from Perfection Paralysis to Confident Clear Steps
with Calligraphy Made Simple


You don’t have to keep struggling alone or waste any more precious time, energy, and money on supplies and courses that don’t go with your natural creative flow.

Join this live practice-with-me video workshop on August 4, 2023 at 7pmUK / 2pm EDT / 11am PDT (replay available).

This session will guide you to take a breath and find your flow on your unique path to learning calligraphy with confidence and clarity.

Get clear on exactly what next steps, supplies, and styles you want to try, so you stop wasting time and money on what doesn’t honor your authentic style.

Imagine if overwhelm, fear, and perfectionism became points of compassionate self connection instead of being road blocks.

We’ve got a seat for you at the table, join us!

Creative Self Care

Explore a mindful practice to let go of the fear of imperfection so you can compassionately connect with yourself and build a sustainable practice


Explore the basics

Experiment with 3 foundational pen types of all calligraphy styles so you get clear on where you want to focus your practice next, saving you time and money

simple steps

Practice a simple 3 step process that you can repeat for any new style or pen that you want to learn without getting overwhelmed or discouraged

creative confidence

Work with your inner critic so they no longer get the best of you. Be free to express your creativity fully.

Hi, I’m Justine Hwang, calligrapher, creative workshop facilitator, and recovering perfectionist. 

I picked up my first calligraphy pen at the age of 8, when I experienced the purest childlike freedom and joy. 

Since then, I’ve been on a 40 year lettering journey, filled with more stops than starts, time and money wasted on tools that didn’t honor my style. 

I finally rediscovered the joy and therapeutic nature of calligraphy unexpectedly in my recovery from severe burnout. 

I began to reconnect with my inner child and creative flow when I began to show up for myself more consistently and compassionately.

I love sharing my creative passion with you, along with 9 years of teaching calligraphy, and 25 years of experience facilitating workshops and coaching non-profit leaders in spiritual growth and community development.

Justine held a supportive, loving, and inspiring space where I overcame a huge block and fear around creativity, putting down my judgment and simply created. The laughter and fun of the day effortlessly led me over my own hurdles.


Web Designer, Sunlight Insight

I was nervous but Justine really focuses on where you are, not on technical perfection. Getting into the flow and space of slowness, helped me identify it’s something I really need. 


Project Manager

Justine’s workshops with its conversation and community connected me to my younger self and brought out a whole new side of me. I used to have huge expectations of art, but now I nurture it slowly and regularly. 


Counsellor, HLB Counselling

What’s Included

LIVE VIDEO WORKSHOP (REPLAY included) with over-the-shoulder step-by-step walkthroughs
DIGITAL PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS so you can try out various styles
SUPPLY LIST to get you started with the best tools for beginners
MINDSET MEDITATION for Confident Creative Expression
PERSONALITY QUIZ to discover your style and how you learn best
Bonus: LIVE Q&A so you can get feedback and support

Who this is for



You have zero experience (bad handwriting welcome here!). You’re creative and want a new outlet. Or, you don’t identify as creative but love stretching your comfort zone.


You did calligraphy in a former life, and you want to get back to it. You could use a kickstart or refresher.


You want live coaching, feedback, or formal instruction. You can’t figure out why yours doesn’t look like the youtube video.

real time learner

You prefer a live experience, to show up to, because you know an on demand or self-paced course will collect dust on your shelf. You believe learning with others is more fun.

I have some questions…

What is Calligraphy Made Simple all about?

This is a live practice-with-me video workshop breaking the sometimes complex world of calligraphy. Workbooks, supply guides, and even a personality quiz will help you get clear on discovering your style, and tools to focus on next.

What makes this different than other courses?

Most calligraphy courses do a deep dive into a specific instrument or style, like a 200+ level course. 

I created this course so that you can try all the main tools and discover which flows best with you before you invest more time and money into additional classes or supplies. There are usually some surprises of what people end up liking 🙂 

Imagine this to be similar to an introductory painting class, where the goal is to dabble a bit with watercolor, oil, and acrylic to see which you enjoy enough to take a deeper dive for your next learning goal. But we won’t be going into details about how to paint florals, landscapes, or detailed subjects. 

How many different calligraphy styles can I expect to learn in this workshop?

You will receive complete alphabet sample sheets for at least 3 styles that you can try. Please note that because this is an introductory overview class, we will not be going into detailed instruction of each letter shape or style (because, well, we’re not time wizards!)

What specific tools do I need to get started? Will I need to buy additional supplies? How much money can I expect to spend on this?

For the purpose of this workshop, you should be able to participate using simple writing instruments that are found in most homes (eg. pencil, pens, markers, highlighters) and plain paper. Of course, you can also bring your favourite pens, or any new tools that you have questions about.

If you would like to buy fancier art pens, the supply list will categorize suggestions based on beginner to advanced tools. All should be easily purchasable at your local art shop or online.

The workbook will provide instruction, examples, and beginner steps and basic strokes to help try out and “speed date” different types of pens and styles. You can choose to print it out and trace/write on the worksheets directly. Or, you may follow along with a digital copy, where you would be practicing your lettering on your own choice of paper or notebook. 

Is it for me if I don’t identify as creative or artistic? What if I have bad handwriting?

Come as you are. All are welcome here. All workshops are designed to be accessible to beginners.

No prior experience is necessary by any means.

If you can draw a line and make a mark on paper, you can do calligraphy too.

We’ll break everything down to simple lines and strokes. And we go at a pace that is slow and supports you to embrace whatever pace you need to build confidence.

We believe every human being is creative. So our teaching approach is grounded in giving you on a strong foundation cultivating the mindset needed to fully and freely engage in the creative process holistically, from knowledge and skill, to mind and heart.

  • This means, you’ll be focusing on your experience of slowing down, and being in the moment with your art supplies, with each stroke, with how you’re feeling about your learning process. 
  • It’s more about the journey of creativity and not about the end output. 
  • This means perfectionism is not welcome here, and we will create a safe space for practicing and getting messy.
How does the live real-time video training work? How long will it be? Can I ask questions during the session? What about the replay?

Yes, if you attend the workshop live on Friday, August 4 at 7pm UK / 2pm EDT / 11am PDT, you are encouraged to ask your questions live. The session will run for 60-90 minutes.

If you are unable to join live, you may submit your questions ahead of time, including requests for a demo of particular words that we can make sure gets into the replay.

You will receive access to a replay/recording within 7 days.

What do I get? When will I get access?

The course will be delivered live on Friday, August 4 at 7pm UK / 2pm EDT / 11am PDT. It will run for 60-90 minutes (dependant on your questions).

The digital printable workbook, supply guide, and personality quiz will be available in the course hub by August 1. 

Additionally, you will receive emails with the resources, and reminders with the zoom meeting link 3 days and 1 hour before the live session begins.

What is your refund policy? Do you have a money back guarantee? I’ve dabbled in calligraphy before, so what if I don’t learn anything new?

If you go through the course thoroughly and feel like you didn’t learn anything new or useful for yourself, please contact me by using the contact form on this site by August 15, 2023 at the latest and I’ll refund you. 

Please note this refund policy does not cover a change of mind. If you request a refund I will ask you for feedback on how the course didn’t meet your expectations and how it can be improved so I can make the course better and improve the marketing messaging.

I have another question. Who do I contact for support?

Please contact me by using the contact form. I’m a one-woman team and try my best to respond to students within 2 business days or less. I am eager to help get to the bottom of any issue! Thanks for your patience as you wait to hear back from me. I am grateful for you.

Introductory Calligraphy Course title in script style lettering with calligraphy supplies on a desk

Calligraphy Made Simple

Online Live Class

Friday, August 4, 2023

7pmUK / 2pm EDT / 11am PDT


Technical Foundations workshop


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