Brush Basics Calligraphy Class [Live Workshop]

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Learn modern calligraphy, using brush pens/markers to create a script lettering style. This will give you a good base of learning letter forms using markers before moving onto more tricky instruments like brushes and metal nibs/pointed pen dip calligraphy in your future adventures. This live in real time introductory workshop gives you the confidence and technical foundations and immediate feedback to save you time, energy, and grief in your journey.

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You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re curious and secretly admire the calligraphy craze on Instagram. You’re inspired to stretch your creative muscles. You wonder if this could be your new form of self-expression.

  • Or maybe you’re not confident in calling yourself creative, you feel a little dry, but you’re hungry for inspiration, for something new…a new creative outlet and a way to slow down your racing mind or heart.

  • Or perhaps you’re a closet calligrapher, experimenting on your own at home through youtube videos or library books. You wonder if real-time learning with like minded pen geeks might accelerate your learning.

  • Or maybe you’re searching for a fun and meaningful experience to share with your friends.

No matter where you are in your journey, these calligraphy workshops will refresh your heart and empower you with the creative confidence and tools to live an inspired and intentional life of impact.

This is your invitation to step away from the craziness of your daily life for a little creative space for relaxed fun, inspiration, and connection. Consider it treating yourself to a mini-retreat!


In a hyper-digitized super-speedy world, calligraphy and handlettering bring back a touch of personal and relaxation/reflection into your life and relationships.

In this introductory exploratory workshop:

  • GET CLARITY: This session will guide you to the next steps on your calligraphy journey if you have no idea where to start, or just have some questions about what you could learn next.

    • Learn more about and get an overview of the many different kinds of calligraphy and lettering to explore.

  • GET CREATIVE: Try different writing instruments for yourself to get a taste of which you may want to explore in a more hands on workshop. Think of this as a 100 level college class that gives you a broad overview. Most calligraphy classes are like 300-400 level courses that dive deep into one writing instrument or specific lettering style.

  • GET CONNECTED: Enjoy good conversation with those looking to create meaningful connections.

  • SET INTENTIONS: Experience a taste of It Just Flows heart-centered calligraphy workshops in some mini coaching exercises to set your intention for the session or season ahead.

  • MAKE AN IMPACT: Write a positive note of encouragement to be gifted to women in recovery.


  • Guided mingling time (with like minded people)

  • Demonstrations and samples of different lettering styles

  • Hands on practice time to explore different lettering styles

  • Worksheets featuring different lettering styles

  • Guided mini life coaching exercise on intention setting

  • Personal workbook + personalized nametag

  • You will receive a recording of the class so that you may review the instructions and demos at your leisure.

  • COURSE KIT (Optional): You can choose to have a hard copy workbook mailed to you, along with two calligraphy pens (brush pen and broad edged pen). If you do not choose to have the course kit option, you will be emailed an electronic PDF to print off on your own. You can use existing supplies in your house (pencil, pen, highligher, crayola marker, etc.) or a supply list will be emailed to you. This is a very exploratory class and is not dependent on having fancy tools. Course kit option must be purchased no later than 7 days prior to the date of the class.


  • Beginners with no experience with no idea where to start, who want a clear overview, and how to get started.

  • Those who have looked at It Just Flows workshops but who aren’t sure which is best for them.

  • Self-experimenting, you-tube surfing dabblers who want live feedback or want to sharpen their lettering

  • Those who already have dabbled with one style or instrument but want to try/learn more about other forms of lettering yet to be explored.

  • Anyone who likes to get creative for a good cause


  • Your smile, and an open spirit to learn and make connections in community.

Treat yourself to a creative date that will refresh your heart and bring inspiration to others. The world will be brighter for it!

Course information will be emailed after you register. The online meeting room link will be emailed the day before the gathering time.

REFUNDS are not available, however you may defer your ticket to a future workshop, or you may transfer your ticket to a friend. If the workshop is cancelled due to not reaching the minimum number of participants required to run it, you will have a choice of deferring your ticket to a future workshop, or receiving a full refund.

NOTE: By registering and participating in this event, you consent to the recording of your likeness, image, and/or voice and authorize It Just Flows to use photographs, video, and audio recordings containing your likeness, image, and/or voice in any medium for any purpose.

Unable to be recorded? If you are not comfortable with this you may keep your camera and microphone muted. If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to communicate these directly with us.


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