Private Virtual Calligraphy Art Parties



Create memories.

Build relationships.

Manage stress creatively.

Host a Private Virtual Calligraphy Art Party to Reconnect with Your Relationships

[Online Live, Real Time Workshop]

Are you feeling exhausted from the ongoing stress of making sense of an uncertain world, managing physical distancing, and shifting social movements?

The social disconnection and mental health challenges are real, whether it be pandemic-related, or whether it’s the usual holiday tensions.


Gather your bubble friends or family for a creative date to refresh your heart with relaxed fun, inspiration, and connection.

You’re invited to make space for:

Creative Self Care

Show up for yourself and refresh your heart. Counterbalance the hard stuff of this present season with creative play and self expression.

Stress relief

Slow down and unplug for creative stress management tools, cultivating joy and gratitude. Cultivate calm reflection and self awareness.

Cultivating Relationships

Soothe social disconnection by gathering in real time with others in this intentional space for making memories and meaningful connections.

Choose Your Party Focus

Lettering Gratitude into your Heart

 End a challenging year with intentional reflection, to gather the wisdom spoken to you. Write truth into your heart. Release the power of gratitude as you explore expressive lettering as a tool to recognize, honour, and cultivate all that is going on, both joyful and challenging. Be seen and heard in community as you share with one another the gifts of the past season. 

intro to Faux Calligraphy

Overwhelmed where to begin your lettering journey? This workshop will give you the overview you need so you know exactly how to get started, pens, ink, and styles. Learn the basics of “faux calligraphy” using simple tools you already have. Create your own Christmas themed card.

Brush Calligraphy Course title in script style lettering with calligraphy supplies on a desk

Intro to brush calligraphy

Learn the very popular tool and style of brush script lettering with confidence. You’ll start with the basic strokes, then move to connecting them into letters, and words. You’ll create a simple greeting card with a short  word or phrase.

What Others Are Saying

Justine sets a beautiful tone that immediately puts everyone at ease and allows you to relax and become present (not something I find easy normally!). She brings something rare, which is a safe space to connect with yourself and others, to experiment (and make mistakes!) with zero judgement, and to spend a few hours being blissfully mindful.



I needed a peaceful creative experience so badly. Justine’s warmth made everyone at ease and created a safe and welcoming learning environment. It was a beautiful experience how Justine connected our hearts and minds while teaching us creative skills. Justine has a gift.



Justine’s ability to make calligraphy feel accessible and fun to all skill levels, facilitate open conversation, and build a sense of connection among a group was so inspiring to see and learn from. She made a phenomenal workshop partner.


Marketing Manager

What’s Included

Workbook + Practice sheets + Templates
Supply List (Upgrade option: have materials mailed)
Mindset for Confident Creative Expression
Warmup + mindful practice
Expert Instruction
Facilitation of Curated Conversation
Live Instruction + Immediate Feedback
Collaborative Meaningful Connections

How It Works

Step 1: Connect

1. Connect with your social distancing bubble (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers) that you want to connect with for a creative date. Send them this page to get them excited!


2. Connect with us using the form below for a quick chat, to help you choose the best topic for your group, and to answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Coordinate

Fill out the workshop booking form:

  1. Choose workshop options: Select your topic(s) (you may combine more than one). Indicate your group’s preferred dates, supply kit upgrade, and number of people.
  2. Secure date with payment: We will send you a private link for payment. Once paid, the date will be booked.
  3.  Prepare supplies: If you choose to shop for your own supplies, we will provide you with a list. If you choose the supply kit upgrade, we will mail kits to your coordinator to distribute to the people in your group.

Step 3: Create in Community

Justine Hwang will facilitate your creative workshop with your group  online via Zoom. Individuals in your party may connect to the Zoom call. Or, if you’re all in the same social bubble/household, you can gather together, with Justine zooming in to your group. Have fun connecting and getting creative!

I’m Ready to For My Private Art Party

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