Are you and those around you feeling the stress of keeping up with the increasing pace of life, work, social engagements, and serving others?

Today we live in a rapidly changing world. Our lives are increasingly full. We’re working harder to keep up, yet feeling more behind. We have more material resources than ever before, our social-media connections are increasing, yet our sense of disconnection and mental health challenges are on the rise.


In Pursuit of Happiness and Purpose

Research shows that living happy lives is largely affected by making time for pursuing activities that are personally meaningful including:

  • cultivating practices of presence, mindfulness, and leisure

  • engaging in rich social connections and community

  • making meaning through belonging to something larger than ourselves and finding resilience and redemptive perspective on suffering

It Just Flows creative workshops create space for you and your people to intentionally engage in all these ways.


Private Calligraphy Workshops

Combining the power of positive words, creative exploration, and meaningful conversations, calligrapher and community builder Justine Hwang creates space for your group to:

  • slow down and unplug for fun creative stress management, play, and celebration

  • strengthen team relationships and build community with your colleagues, friends, neighbours

  • engage intentionally with each other in meaningful connections, collaborating on finding creative ways to build each other up and the world around us

Connect with Justine Hwang to create a private calligraphy workshop in Vancouver, BC for your group of friends for special celebrations, corporate team building events for staff, or retreats (will travel!).


Custom private workshops are available for:

  • Staff team building
  • Special events
  • Celebrations & parties
  • Bridal showers
  • Creative dates with friends
  • Fellowship group activities
  • Retreats
  • Non profit fundraisers
  • Community events
  • Recovery groups

We make room and margin to partner with non profit and community groups in creative ways. We’d love to hear from you to start the conversation.

Let’s collaborate

Step 1: Connect

Connect with us to start the process with a free no obligation conversation about your group’s needs, goals, ideas.

Step 2: Customize

We will work with you to use our core workshop offerings and create a customized workshop design consisting of instruction, hands-on creative exercises, and group discussions to help integrate learning.

At this time details will be discussed including themes, goals, participants, timeframe, and location.

Step 3: Create in Community

Justine Hwang will facilitate your creative workshop with your group at the location of your choice. All supplies are included including customized workbooks or handouts, personalized name tags, community toolbox of pens and project materials.

Positive Words

“Justine gave us the most personal and amazing experience during our class. She was patient with all the students and encouraged us to explore our own styles in calligraphy. Justine is very knowledgeable and shared her experience with us in a very personal and approachable manner.”

~Recreation Therapist for BC Women and Children’s Hospital

“Justine’s workshop sparked a passion in me that was dormant in me. There was this excitement in the group, it was fun and enjoyable. I was moved by the connection to social justice, having a cause, being in community, writing and sharing ideas, laughing, doing something fun for positive change.

~School Teacher

Create a Custom Calligraphy Workshop

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