Mindfulness in the Messy Middle: Holding Safe Space to Address Anti-Asian Hate


Online Live, Real Time Session

For racialized people with lived experience

With the rise of anti-asian hate, are you:

  • Feeling unsure what to do with uncomfortable emotions like anxiety, fear, sadness, grief, or anger?
  • Struggling with helplessness, frozen with a sense of lack of control?
  • Frustrated and hard on yourself because you wish you could speak up more, as a bystander or target of racism?
  • Grappling with your racial identity and the weight of Asian stereotypes?

You are not alone.

Recent events are a lot to process. If you are grappling with how to make sense of life as an Asian in this emerging reality, but:

  • You don’t know where to begin…
  • You don’t know how to do it without toxic positivity bypassing…
  • You have been trying to process, but you’re spiralling into an exhausting valley of difficult emotions…
  • You don’t know where you can process and share safely, because no one seems to want to talk right now…

We are making room to offer this supportive space for you, the Asian/Pacific Islander/South Asian community to reflect and be present in the messy middle together, to create meaningful connections — to ground yourself, to connect with others, and consider our response in our emerging world.  

Gather in real-time for this highly interactive, guided journey to compassionately and safely explore these challenging times.

Express yourself in a supportive, non judgmental, brave space, as we offer the gift of presence to one another. You will be invited to:

  • Reflect personally and connect with what’s stirring within you through guided prompts and reflective practices.
  • Speak your truth by sharing (if you feel compelled to) and be held, seen, and heard in community. Be validated knowing that you are not alone.
  • Support others’ voices as you listen compassionately and actively in solidarity. 

All of you is welcome here, whether you’re feeling stirred to be still or to speak, whether you’re dressed and in your office, or taking zoom calls from bed in your messy bun with the camera off.

We will engage in reflective practices as tools you can walk away with for self awareness, self discovery, and empowerment. 

Come with an open heart, ready to be present and to engage. Bring with you:

  • Something to write with (pens/crayons/markers/paints and journal/paper)
  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Anything that makes you feel cozy — a candle, blanket, or glass of wine

You’re invited to experience:

Self compassion

Show up for yourself, slow down, connect with what’s stirring in your heart, in a supportive, collaborative space. Articulate your emotions in a non judgmental space, increase compassion, self awareness, and alignment in your life.

Guided reflection

Practice mindfulness tools that will support you walk through in the journey ahead, through difficult challenges. Engage in an intentional space of reflection through guided prompts, visualization, journalling, and creative exercises.

collaborative community

Create meaningful connections and share honest conversations with others in community to counter fear and frustration. Deepen insight and solidarity by connecting with others on the same journey.


What’s Included

Intentional Creation of a Psychologically Safe Space for Honest Reflection
Expert Facilitation of Creative Reflection + Conversation
Prompts for Compassionate Exploration and Expression
Collaborative Community of Fellow Asians

Who this is for

BIPOC Asian people

• You identify as an Asian/Pacific Islander/South Asian (all genders welcome). You’re unsure of how to engage in conversations of racial identity, and racism (within yourself, as a bystander, or as a target).


stressed out, Seeking understanding

• You’re exhausted from avoiding or deep diving into your emotions around recent expressions of anti-asian hate. You don’t know how to process in a constructive way.


Curious Explorer

• You’re a student of life, curious, committed to growth. You may or may not identify as creative, but you love stretching your comfort zone, trying new things, and developing yourself.


real time learner

• You believe in the power of being seen and heard, live, in a supportive community.

• You know that showing up in real time better supports your growth. You want more than a one directional webinar training.

Satisfied Students

Justine always does a great job in providing a safe and intimate space (even online) that makes people feel comfortable to share their deep feelings. I loved the raw emotions people showed. I felt heard and supported by others, and I was able to do the same for others. The energy felt so genuine. And the journaling questions were really good prompts that helped me reflect and get in touch with my feelings and emotions.


This Mindfulness in the Messy Middle workshop, using a variety of creative and mindfulness practices, was really helpful as I ponder this past year of living in a time of the pandemic. In the past, I would’ve tried to put my experiences into a neat and tidy package. However, life is complicated and through the creative practices during the workshop, I was able to begin to understand that in such a difficult time, there are a lot of struggles – and there also can be a lot of joy. And, this is all okay.

I came in to the space with a mind full of thoughts and feelings. During the session I felt validated and had permission to bring the messiness of it all to the table. It was a safe and restful place where I had permission to be myself. I loved the aspect of being able to share and hear from others journeys, especially from others who are navigating with an Asian identity. Thank you Justine for creating this safe space for us to explore areas in our lives we normally may not have the intentional time to dig into.

Justine’s approach was very engaging, and I found myself really pulled in and actively participating immediately. Every step of her process was unique. Her leadership through the exercises was clear and approachable, kind and full of grace. Never in my life have 2 hours flown by so quickly! Still, days later, I am thinking about some of the things we worked on, and I will be building in some time to my schedule each week to look through the notes and build on them, while working on some of the questions that came up for me during the session. Thank you Justine! It was a life-changing session for me!


You’ve got questions? We have answers!

What can I expect?

You can expect a guided journey through:

  • creative reflection/expressive exercises
  • mindfulness/visualization exercises
  • facilitated journalling
  • conscious curated conversation prompts

There will be ample time to reflect on your own, but also to connect with and glean from the group’s collective experience and wisdom. You will have opportunity to share with others, but it isn’t mandatory if you’re in more of a contemplative listening mood.

Do I have to share verbally? Will I be called on to speak?

No, sharing is never mandatory. It’s important to me that you participate in a way that is supportive to you.

There will be multiple ways that you will be invited to choose how you can engage your participation. This means you share at a level that you decide, when you feel ready or feel compelled to speak, with or without the camera on.

I do not support “peer pressure vulnerability”. Sharing is always optional and you reserve the right and have full permission to pass.

Come as you are, your full self. And if that means you’re in a more contemplative listening mood, that is totally okay.

If something comes up for you that you prefer not to share with the whole group or in your small group, but you would still like to have a 1:1 conversation about it, you can always reach out for a conversation in a private chat, or at the end of the session where there will be extra space to connect informally.


Do I have to have the camera on?

You’re welcome to show up just as you are, whether you’re dressed and in your office, or taking zoom calls from bed in your messy bun with the camera off. 

That being said, you will be invited to consider keeping your camera on if you are feeling up for it, as studies have been shown that can have an effect on the sense of engagement, connection, and community in the virtual space, both on your end and on ours as we facilitate. 

If it’s because you have pets, partners, or kids running around, know that we don’t view those as unwelcome distractions. Just keep your microphone on mute.

What if I don't identify as artistic or creative?

Not to worry. All workshops are designed to be accessible to beginners.

All technical ‘how to letter’ workshops are suitable for beginners.  

For Mindfulness Workshops, we will engage in reflective practices equipping you with tools you can walk away with for self awareness, self discovery, and empowerment. These include options such as writing, drawing, speaking, meditating, visualizing… Multiple options and levels will always be provided, and you get to decide what is the most supportive way for you to engage. No prior experience is necessary by any means.

Deep down, I believe every human being is creative. So my teaching approach is grounded in giving you on a strong foundation cultivating the mindset needed to fully and freely engage in the creative process holistically, from knowledge and skill, to mind and heart.

  • This means, you’ll be focusing on your experiences and meditating on the meaning, themes, and connections.
  • It’s more about the journey of creativity and not about the end output. 
  • This means perfectionism is not allowed here, and we will create a safe space for practicing and processing and getting messy.
Who is facilitating this session? What are your credentials to handle this topic?

JOYCE JOPIO is a Filipina-Canadian woman, Registered Clinical Counselor with a Masters in Counselling. She is currently working as a school based therapist full-time while building her private practice Restored and Rooted Counselling, where she uses a variety of counselling approaches with a trauma informed lens.

Her passion areas include body activism, racial healing, and mental decolonization. She aims to centre the intersectional narratives of BIPOC folks experiencing mental and emotional distress.

She has over 20 years of experience working with children, youth, and families in a variety of sectors, including as an adoption social worker in Philadelphia, PA, for over 10 years and with with a non-profit in Camden, NJ doing program development and mentoring youth. 

JUSTINE HWANG is a mental health advocate, certified facilitator, workshop coach, social impact calligrapher, with a Bachelor in Communication.

Rooted in her life experience as an Asian Canadian woman and multiple burnout survivor, Justine leads and shares honestly about the power of self awareness, community, and creativity in the healing journey.

With 20 years of experience in leadership and spiritual development, adult education, and communications, Justine crafts talks and facilitates workshop experiences that are supportive, engaging, and encouraging.

Her passion and skill is to create transformative experiences that empower people with practical tools on topics including mental health, burnout, soul care/self advocacy, values and purpose, racism from the inside out, and community building.

Does the cost of your workshops include supplies?

For online mindfulness and creative expression workshops, you will be given a list of suggested supplies to bring. Many will already exist in your house, without the need to make additional purchases (unless you want the excuse to, of course 😉 )

For online technical workshops, you have two options:

  1. Provide your own supplies: You will receive a PDF of the course workbook and practice sheets to print out for the class. You will also receive a supply list to shop for your own supplies (or use your own existing supplies).
  2. Purchase a kit that will be mailed to you: The kit includes everything you need, including the course workbook, and pens.

For in person workshops, all supplies are provided.

Will there be a replay available?


  • Technical workshops will have a replay available.
  • Reflective and Expressive Lettering workshops will not be recorded in order to provide full safety and confidentiality for participants to share freely in the live experience. The main magic of these sessions is the connections that form with live interaction in community. So I encourage you to block of the time, make a date with yourself, add it to your calendar.
  • I may or may not decide to record for my own internal purposes of capturing the teaching segments. I will check in with the group at the beginning. Either way, there will not be a replay available. None of the participant dialogue will ever be shared in any way publicly or privately. I take confidentiality very seriously.
I really want to come but can't make the date. How often do you run your workshops?

Frequency: We typically run workshops every 2-3 months, but may consider doing them more frequently based on interest/demand. So the best thing to do is to pop us a quick message DM on Instagram or from my site here to let me know what topics you’re most interested in. Then join my email community for the latest workshop release dates.

Do you teach in person classes or online only? Where are you geographically located?

I teach online live, real time workshops. I currently do not offer on-demand pre-recorded videos, although that is in the works for the future. Let me know if you are interested in this option!

I’m based in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada, where I teach in person workshops but have been known to travel to do workshops in other cities, such as Toronto. Obviously this is currently on pause until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions.

What's your Refund Policy?

For online workshops, refunds are available up to 10 days before the class date. You may also choose to defer your ticket to a future date, or transfer your ticket to a friend. Email your request and reason for refund to justine @ itjustflows.com or you may use the contact form on this site. 

For in person workshops, refunds are not available due to the nature of venue rentals and limited seats, however you may defer your ticket to a future workshop, or you may transfer your ticket to a friend. Email your request and reason for refund to justine @ itjustflows.com or you may use the contact form on this site.

For ALL workshops, if the workshop is cancelled by It Just Flows for any reason, including not reaching the minimum number of participants required to run it, you will have a choice of deferring your ticket to a future workshop, or receiving a full refund. 

Do you teach private workshops or lessons?

Yes, I love working with existing communities (staff team, bridal parties, group of friends for a holiday party, etc.) to create a workshop experience tailored to your group. Find out more on my private art party page here. >>

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.