Lettering Gratitude into Your Heart

[Online Live, Real Time Workshop]

Reflect on what your life is speaking as you write out your heart on the page. Release the power of gratitude and creativity combined with expressive lettering as a tool for mindfulness, self expression, and awareness.

We’ll hold space together to recognize and honour the beauty in both hopeful and hard times, and commemorate all that is going on in your life and world.

Leave with fresh perspective and courage to engage both the joyful and challenging times. 

Come refresh your heart and be empowered with the creative confidence and tools to live an inspired and intentional life of impact.

Join us as we celebrate relationships, life and all its lessons, and anything that calls out to you, in an encouraging, collaborative space.

By sharing in heart-centred conversations and creative art expression, you’ll have opportunity to make meaningful connections with what’s going on in your heart and life, and with others in community.

Focusing on creative exploration (and less on precise technical how-to’s), this workshop will empower you with expressive lettering as a tool for self-care and self-discovery. Think of it as an artistic life coaching session… or a creative mini retreat!

Leave feeling lighter, with a full heart and with tools that will lead you to stronger emotional, mental, and social health.

Craft mementos for yourself, make memories with loved ones, or create meaningful gifts for the people and world around you. 

You’re invited

Creative Self Care

Show up for yourself, slow down, refresh your heart, and turn on your creative spark in an encouraging, collaborative space. Manage stress, increase calm, self awareness, and joyful play in your daily life.

Guided creative reflection

Tune in to the messages your life is speaking to you as you engage in an intentional space of reflection through guided prompts, visualization, journalling, and creative exercises.

collaborative community

Create meaningful connections and share honest conversations with others in community to counter disconnection and isolation. Meet some new people, or invite a friend for a creative date (makes a great gift!) 


Social impact

Contribute to a purpose greater than yourself…10% of proceeds will be donated to helping women start a new life free from sexual exploitation. Write love notes of encouragement to donate and spread the love.

What’s Included

Mindset for Confident Creative Expression
Expert Facilitation of Creative Reflection + Conversation
Collaborative Community of Creatives

Who this is for

stressed out, Seeking Rest

• You’re exhausted, but you struggle to slow down, deep down. Mindfulness, meditation or journaling feels like a struggle.

• You don’t remember the last time you’ve had some “me time” or creative time.

Renaissance or Closet Creative

• You miss being creative and want to resurrect the calligraphy or crafty things you did in your younger days.

• You’re multi-passionate searching for a new outlet. Or, you’re a seasoned calligrapher or bullet journaler seeking to grow in self discovery.


Curious Explorer

• You have zero lettering experience (bad handwriting welcome here!) but are curious to try your hand at it.

• You may not identify as creative, but you love stretching your comfort zone, trying new things, and developing yourself.


real time learner

• You believe in the power of being seen and heard, live, in a supportive community.

• You know that showing up in real time better supports your learning. You have too many untouched webinar replays and self-paced pre-recorded courses collecting dust on your digital shelf.

Satisfied Students

Justine always does a great job in providing a safe and intimate space (even online) that makes people feel comfortable to share their deep feelings. I loved the raw emotions people showed. I felt heard and supported by others, and I was able to do the same for others. The energy felt so genuine. And the journaling questions were really good prompts that helped me reflect and get in touch with my feelings and emotions.


Marketing Creative

I really enjoyed this workshop. Despite the feeling of being distracted, I was able to calm myself and come into the welcoming virtual space that Justine created so graciously. The music was super calming and chill, and the vibe was very respectful. People shared and listened, and it was lovely to meet like minded people who are working on their personal growth and creativity. It really helped me find clarity on how the past year has impacted me, and what I am looking forward to in the coming year.


Design Layout for Calligraphy Course title in script style lettering with calligraphy supplies on a desk

Lettering Gratitude into Your Heart

[Online Live, Real Time Class]

Expressive Lettering Workshop

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