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Welcome to 2021…Mid-January heart check: How are you doing? How are you feeling? How are you being?

New year vibes are in full force, with vision board workshops, planning courses, fit-spiration, goal hustling challenges galore. (Someone invited me to a challenge of drinking water / exercising / reading / sleeping early / morning routines / flossing / nutritious meals / all-the-things-all-at-once… um NO, that’s too much, too fast, too unsustainable).

If you’re struggling with feeling the “fresh start” energy, you are not alone.

You have a big heart. You feel deeply. You care about the people and world around you.

You’re committed to doing your inner work. You do the hard work of getting real and raw asking honest questions about yourself and the world, even if it’s uncomfortable.

You let that work shift the way you live, move, and work in the world. 

It’s no wonder you may be feeling a little sluggish, especially after a year like 2020.

From a recent mini-poll I did on Instagram, many of you are choosing to enter the year gently.

Personally I struggle with the arbitrary date that January 1 is, especially when my body is feeling all the winter hibernation vibes. 

Give yourself grace to dwell in the space of slowness. Take the cue from Winter. Honour your body/mind/heart’s desire to go slower.

Or maybe that’s not you. Perhaps you’re thriving feeling inspired and pumped to take on the year with intention and ambition.

However you’re feeling, I’ve created this month’s printable to encourage you.

If you’re knee-deep in new year visioning and planning, these journal prompts will help you to strengthen alignment, so that you’re not just taking on all the goals you think you should (whether that’s your inner mean girl or Instagram productivity porn coming strong at you).

If you’re so exhausted from just surviving last year, or if your tank is so empty and the thought of deep reflection makes you tired, relax with some coloring or mindful lettering practice. You can’t engage in meaningful reflection if you’re completely depleted.

Watch real-time video demos of the lettering practice phrases featured in the printable:

No matter what your process or relationship is with goal setting and visioning, here are a few encouragements as we enter a new season:

Slow down to tune in to your heart. 
  • I believe that our lives are always speaking to us. The Divine voice is whispering to you, patient and ready to tell you exactly what you need in the moment, and in the future. 
  • Quarantine life may be externally slower, but is your mind racing and your attention arrested constantly with external distractions? The invitation is to be still to listen. 
Visualize your intentions and define your plans in a holistic way

Don’t just stop at defining the external things you want to accomplish.

  • How you do something and how you want to feel are equally worth considering.
  • What are internal indicators of progress?
  • Is your planning coming from a place of fullness and hope? Or is it driven from a place of scarcity, trying to prove your worthiness? Or is it trying to hurry past a hard season prematurely, when it’s not finished its deep work of formation in you?
Set your direction, but go with the flow. Respect your capacity. 

Plans aren’t set in stone. It might take longer than you anticipate (don’t let the false pressure of arbitrary time or your inner critic condemn you). You might discover a different path to your achieve your plan.

Or they can shift, just as we are organic and growing. You might alter or drop a goal altogether, based on changing priorities, fluctuating energies, or shifting realities (hello, pandemic and quarantine life!)

Remember your worth is not determined by your productivity.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the speed at which we tend to hurry ourselves along in our self development and accomplishments.

But any deep transformation or fruitful habit formation that I’ve experienced has never happened overnight [I know, shocker, right?!]

The dark side of personal development is this lie that you are not good enough, and always need to be growing and striving in your personal and professional development.

Honour your growth. Celebrate where you are. 

Beware all-or-nothing black-and-white thinking, or perfectionism that makes you dismiss progress or bully yourself into pushing beyond your capacity in a given moment. 

Value and recognize qualitative, internal growth, just as much as quantitative external progress. Seemingly small mindset shifts are monumental if you’re breaking free from a pattern you’ve had most of your life.


I’d love to hear, are you riding the waves of the new year high vibes? Or are you rocking the gentle waves of a slower season? How is your energy flowing these days? Leave a comment below!