Addressing Anti-Asian Hate – Apr. 25 [Messy Middle Conversation Circle]

With the rise of anti-asian hate, are you:

  • Feeling unsure what to do with uncomfortable emotions like anxiety, fear, sadness, grief, or anger?
  • Struggling with helplessness, frozen with a sense of lack of control?
  • Frustrated and hard on yourself because you wish you could speak up more, as a bystander or target of racism?
  • Grappling with your racial identity and the weight of Asian stereotypes?

You are not alone.

Recent events are a lot to process. If you are grappling with how to make sense of life as an Asian in this emerging reality, but:

  • You don’t know where to begin…
  • You don’t know how to do it without toxic positivity bypassing…
  • You have been trying to process, but you’re spiralling into an exhausting valley of difficult emotions…
  • You don’t know where you can process and share safely, because no one seems to want to talk right now…

We are making room to offer this supportive space for you, the Asian/Pacific Islander/South Asian community to reflect and be present in the messy middle together, to create meaningful connections — to ground yourself, to connect with others, and consider our response in our emerging world.  

Gather in real-time for this highly interactive, guided journey to compassionately and safely explore these challenging times.

Express yourself in a supportive, non judgmental, brave space, as we offer the gift of presence to one another. You will be invited to:

  • Reflect personally and connect with what’s stirring within you through guided prompts and reflective practices.
  • Speak your truth by sharing (if you feel compelled to) and be held, seen, and heard in community. Be validated knowing that you are not alone.
  • Support others’ voices as you listen compassionately and actively in solidarity. 

All of you is welcome here, whether you’re feeling stirred to be still or to speak, whether you’re dressed and in your office, or taking zoom calls from bed in your messy bun with the camera off.

We will engage in reflective practices as tools you can walk away with for self awareness, self discovery, and empowerment. 

Come with an open heart, ready to be present and to engage. 

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
Total Seats: 25 (25 Left:)

Event Schedule Details

  • April 25, 2021 2:00 pm   -   4:00 pm
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