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Social Calligraphy Meetup: Create + Connect + Community + Make a Difference (Vancouver)


Loneliness is on the rise. If it's any confirmation, Britain appointed a Minister of Loneliness (!). In Vancouver, a study surveying community leaders declared loneliness our most pressing social issue.

Our need for belonging is core to our ability to flourish as humans. Despite our longing for belonging, it's isn't always easy to find or build.

Making space for meaningful connections and conversation is a step towards creating space for belonging.

That's a big part of my motivation to spend more time on developing Pen Practice Meetups this year to be more intentional in community building.

Join us for some guided reflection and curated conversation exploring a topic that goes a little deeper to build connections (past topics have included belonging, words of positivity, and gratitude).

Then we'll translate some of the gems that come out of our conversation into lettering notes of encouragement to donate to women and youth in recovery. A handwritten note goes a long way to reminding those who receive them that someone is thinking of them and that their life matters.

We’ll provide guided warm up and creativity exercises to get your heart and hands in the flow. Come for free-flow creative exploration and great connecting over conversation! Note that the facilitation will be focused more on expressive lettering. If you’re interested in formal technical instruction of how to write calligraphy, there are plenty of other beginner-friendly workshops you can take. Check those out here.

Come with an open heart, ready to connect and get creative. You can dip into our community toolbox stash of pens, or bring your own if you prefer. Cardstock will be provided.

Join our community of thoughtful calligraphy, lettering, and pen enthusiasts, novice to advanced all levels welcome. Curious and closet calligraphers especially welcome! Pretty much anyone who wants to get creative (maybe calligraphy is a new expression of creativity you want to try).

Thanks to the generosity of the Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grants program, this meetup is free of charge and high in value. RSVP is required to reserve your seat. Cancellations are required at least 72 hours in advance.