Thank you for your brave presence at the Mindfulness in the Messy Middle workshop!

Thank you for your active engagement

Openness + presence

Just bring yourself, an open heart and posture, to explore connections with your own heart and with other people in good conversation, and with inspiration. ¬†ūüôā Feel free to bring any items that help you feel cozy, (eg. candle, blanket, snack, warm beverage…)



All you need is something to write with and something to write on. It can be as simple as a pencil and the backside of paper you want to reuse. It can be as fancy as your art supplies and sketchbook or journal.

For the Minding the Messy Middle: Pandemic Joys and Griefs workshops, you’ll also need a few squares from a roll of toilet paper.

Reflective spirit

If you have a journal or planner that would help you reflect on the events or heart happenings of the past season, feel free to bring it, though it is not necessary. If you have a very full journal, it might be a good approach to come without it, and see what emerges intuitively for you.


You can come without¬†any¬†preparation, but if you’re the type of person who likes a¬†lot¬†of reflection time, or you like to know what’s coming,¬†I’d encourage you to ponder the following questions ahead of time, so that you’re coming into the space with some general themes/thoughts to focus your creative explorations:

  • High and Low:¬†What are the strengths and struggles that have emerged, related to the workshop reflection topic?
  • Grow:¬†What is surprising? What has been sustaining? What has been draining? Any new realizations?
  • Let go:¬†What do you want to release so you can enter the next stage or season in light of new insights?

What Our Community is Saying

I came in to the space with a mind full of thoughts and feelings. During the session I felt validated and had permission to bring the messiness of it all to the table. It was a safe and restful place where I had permission to be myself. I loved the aspect of being able to share and hear from others journeys. Thank you Justine for creating this safe space for us to explore areas in our lives we normally may not have the intentional time to dig into.

Justine always does a great job in providing a safe and intimate space (even online) that makes people feel comfortable to share their deep feelings. I loved the raw emotions people showed. I felt heard and supported by others, and I was able to do the same for others. The energy felt so genuine. And the journaling questions were really good prompts that helped me reflect and get in touch with my feelings and emotions.

This Mindfulness in the Messy Middle workshop, using a variety of creative and mindfulness practices, was really helpful as I ponder this past year of living in a time of the pandemic. In the past, I would’ve tried to put my experiences into a neat and tidy package. However, life is complicated and through the creative practices during the workshop, I was able to begin to understand that in such a difficult time, there are a lot of struggles – and there also can be a lot of joy. And, this is all okay.

Justine’s approach was very engaging, and I found myself really pulled in and actively participating immediately. Every step of her process was unique. Her leadership through the exercises was clear and approachable, kind and full of grace.

Never in my life have 2 hours flown by so quickly! Days later, I am still thinking about some of the things we worked on, and I will be building in some time to my schedule each week to look through the notes and build on them, while working on some of the questions that came up for me during the session. Thank you Justine! It was a life-changing session for me!