I love partnering with people who are in the business of transformation: leaders, program managers, non-profit employees, counsellors, pastors, luminaries, concerned citizens, compassionate friends. it-just-flows-calligraphy-web-wm-dream-manifestoI love crafting creative collaborations, calligraphy, and workshops to help shine your light and fulfill your purpose. Here are examples of collaborations:

  • More than a Roof Housing: Community building calligraphy gatherings with income assisted seniors and single adults struggling with mental illness
  • BC Women’s and Children Hospital: Lettering workshop with teens recovering from eating disorders.
  • Capilano University: Team building workshop with community outreach workers in supporting their work promoting literacy in  work in multiple communities.
  • Pandora’s Collective: Calligraphy workshop to raise funds to support Pandora’s outreach workshops teaching writing in schools, rehab centers, hospitals, youth shelters, and literary festivals.
  • Basel Hakka Lutheran and Grace Vancouver Church: Expressive lettering workshops to build community bonds and spiritual development.


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