Are you a creative changemaker who loves to connect with others to do good together and make a difference in the world?

Are you a non-profit organization that hosts fundraisers to support the good work you’re doing in the world?

Committed to empowering people and communities, Justine Hwang loves to connect over conversations full of possibility for collaboration of a better world. She makes space to collaborate with community organizations in ways unique to your context, to advance your mission and increase your impact.


Previous Collaborations:

  • BC Women and Children's Hospital
  • Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House
  • Capilano University Outreach
  • More than a Roof Housing
  • New Hope Refugees
  • Servants Anonymous
  • She Loves Magazine
  • Pandora's Collective
  • Next Day Better
  • Beauty Night Society
  • Grace Vancouver Church
  • Basel Hakka Lutheran Church

Ideas for Community Collaborations


Community outreach

Workshops with your marginalized clients to write words of positivity, to strengthen confidence and build community. Workshops that equip your outreach workers with creative tools to work with marginalized clients.


Special events

Interactive or personalized lettering at your special events to raise awareness and increase engagement.


Fundraiser workshops

Calligraphy workshop for your donors or the general public to raise awareness and funds towards your cause.


Notes of positivity

Notes of encouragement written in calligraphy donated to the marginalized clients you serve to increase connection and foster well being.


Silent auctions

Items donated to your silent auction such as Inspirational art prints or calligraphy workshop seats to raise funds for your cause.


Event swag & signage

Custom designed lettering for swag items and signage for your events to add a meaningful touch.

Positive Words

“The women in recovery I work with don’t all have mothers and grandmothers to tell them who they are, to remind them that they are made for purpose. Many keep the notes of encouragement they receive from Justine’s group, incorporating them into their recovery. The notes sow the seeds for who they really are, not where they come from. It helps them remember who they are as women, as mothers, as daughters.”

~Rehabilitation outreach worker with women in recovery from sexual exploitation

“Justine’s workshop was right up our alley as we work in upgrading literacy in many community settings and we are always looking for ways to engage with our learners in ways that invite them into the process, provide discussion about deeper issues, and gently practise literacy skills. It was a very good activity for us all and helpful to think how we could use this approach with our learners and volunteers.”

~Literacy outreach worker

“You used your time and talents to bless each of us and support our work. The event on Saturday was a wonderful evening of interaction, and personal touches like your bookmarks really helped impact people’s hearts and move them to action for the women.”

~Fundraising Coordinator for non-profit organization

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