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Asian Racism Panel of Asian Therapists from a Mental Health Perspective

Anti-Asian hate crimes fueled by anti-Asian racism is on the rise. In Vancouver alone, 1 in 2 Asians experienced racism in Vancouver. There was a 98% rise in anti-Asian hate crimes (not including those not reported), which is an 8 fold increase from the previous year. This number is 3 times more than in New York City, which is the highest of any U.S. city

Join the conversation and learn from inside the Asian community and the voices of this panel of Asian psychotherapists and counsellors. 

Together we explore Asian racism from a lens of mental health and cultural values. 

  • Racism from a trauma-informed perspective (and what exactly IS trauma, and why is it so uncomfortable to talk about?)
  • What’s happening in our bodies and brains when we have hard conversations around race, or experience racism as a target or bystander.

 While the dialogue focuses on an Asian perspective, viewers of every background will be able to glean a broader wisdom from the psychology of what’s happening in our brains neurologically and our bodies in all matters of prejudice and fighting “isms” within ourselves, our relationships, and the world.

Join us as we compassionately and honestly address anti-Asian racism, engage in conversations about cultural identity, and move forward in an empowered, hopeful way.

#AsianHeritageMonth #StopAsianHate


On Demand  Education & 1x Sessions

Addressing Racism from the Inside Out, by Intercultural Strategies >>

Addressing racism is an essential skill when supporting long-term transformative change in individuals, organizations, and communities. Leave with practical skills and doable actions to facilitate change.
This Canadian-led, proven approach helps you to build a culture of belonging and together address racism within ourselves, as bystanders and as a target.
Join us for this on-demand, online, content-rich three-part video series.
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Bystander Intervention Training, by Hollaback >>

In response to the rise in Anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment, we at Hollaback! partnered with Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC to adapt our free bystander intervention training as well as offering a de-escalation training adapted to support the AAPI community. To meet this moment and offer trainings to communities nation wide, we are now also partnered with Asian American Advancing Justice| Asian Law CaucusAsian Americans Advancing Justice Los Angeles, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice Chicago.

Multi-Week Series

Dialogue on Race Series >>

This series by Dialogue on Race Louisiana is a structured educational process led by a team of trained facilitators. The entire series is based on interactive conversation, where you will explore various aspects of racism from its origin, to its operation, and its impact on society. You prepare for the discussions by reading factual articles before each session. 

As a trained facilitator, I was super impressed by how the facilitators set an environment for open, honest, brave conversation starting with an education piece, sharing of experience, and moving toward action. 


Indigenous Canada, by University of Alberta >>

Indigenous Canada is an online course from the Faculty of Native Studies that explores Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada. Available for audit on Coursera for free.

From an Indigenous perspective, this course explores key issues facing Indigenous peoples today from a historical and critical perspective highlighting national and local Indigenous-settler relations.

Indigenous Canada is for those with an interest in acquiring a basic familiarity with Indigenous/non-Indigenous relationships.



Heng-zi Lo Bereczki is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with over fifteen years of experience working with children and their families at all grade levels that carry over into her counselling practice. She has travelled for teaching and humanitarian work.

She is also engaging in therapeutic justice work with racialized clients, particularly those in professional positions of leadership, who are dealing with issues of systemic oppression and internalized racism. 

Learn more >>

Joyce Jopio is a Registered Clinical Counsellor currently working as a child and family therapist while building her private practice. She has over 20 years working with children, youth, and families and spent 12 of those years as an adoption social worker in Philadelphia, PA and in program development for youth in Camden, NJ.

She works from a trauma informed lens, creating a safe space for her clients. Her passion areas in her work of counselling and therapy include body activism, racial healing, and mental decolonization. She cultivates her practice to centre the intersectional narratives of BIPOC folks experiencing mental and emotional distress.

Learn more >>

Born in Central China and raised across Canada from Halifax, to Ottawa, to Vancouver, Yiya identifies as a cross-cultural and trauma informed counsellor serving Asian women.

While running her private practice, she is also passionate to create healing creative spaces, having recently volunteered and set up the Parthenon Community Gallery during covid time to bring local art to the community and art directing a healing retreat space in China. 

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Asian Mental Health Collective Directory of Therapists

Journey with Others in a Creative Conversation Circle

Minding the Messy Middle Conversation Circle:


Holding Safe Space to
Address Anti-Asian Hate


Online Live, Real Time Session

For racialized people with lived experience

With the rise of anti-asian hate, are you:

  • Feeling unsure what to do with uncomfortable emotions like anxiety, fear, sadness, grief, or anger?
  • Struggling with helplessness, frozen with a sense of lack of control?
  • Frustrated and hard on yourself because you wish you could speak up more, as a bystander or target of racism?
  • Grappling with your racial identity and the weight of Asian stereotypes?

You are not alone.

Recent times are a lot to process. If you are grappling with how to make sense of life as an Asian in this emerging reality, but:

  • You don’t know where to begin…
  • You don’t know how to do it without toxic positivity bypassing…
  • You have been trying to process, but you’re spiralling into an exhausting valley of difficult emotions…
  • You don’t know where you can process and share safely, because no one seems to want to talk right now…

Gather in real-time for this highly interactive, guided journey to compassionately and safely explore these challenging times.

We are making room to offer this supportive space for you, the Asian/Pacific Islander/South Asian community to reflect and be present in the messy middle together in solidarity, to create meaningful connections — to ground yourself, to connect with others, and consider our responses in our emerging world.

You’re invited to experience:

All of you is welcome here, whether you’re feeling stirred to be still or to speak, whether you’re dressed and in your office, or taking zoom calls from bed in your messy bun with the camera off. Come with an open heart, ready to be present and to engage. 

Self Advocacy + self compassion

Show up for yourself, slow down, connect with what’s stirring in your heart, in a supportive space. Articulate your emotions in a non judgmental space, increase compassion and awareness in your life.

Guided reflection

Experience intentional reflective practice tools that will support you to walk through in the journey ahead, through difficult challenges. Explore through guided prompts, visualization, journalling, and creative exercises.

Honest conversations

Speak your truth by sharing (if you feel compelled to). Support others’ voices as you listen compassionately and actively.  Deepen insight and solidarity by holding space for and being held by others on the same journey.


Perspective + PUrpose

Gain fresh insight into current times. Increase clarity, confidence, and intention as you explore your unique perspective and place in a rapidly changing world that needs your light to shine brightly.


What Our Community is Saying

Talking about and exploring my own experiences being Asian in this group context was new to me, and it was really encouraging because hearing others’ stories not only helped to validate and affirm, but it also helped me to see what my next steps were towards healthy and intentional living. While there were many experiences that were relatable, no two stories were exactly the same which also helped to expand my awareness.

The session was also a good mix of self-reflection and group engagement with permission to stay in self-reflection mode if that was needed. Justine and Joyce were excellent facilitators and I’m looking forward to continuing this conversation/exploration.


Justine always does a great job in providing a safe and intimate space (even online) that makes people feel comfortable to share their deep feelings. I loved the raw emotions people showed. I felt heard and supported by others, and I was able to do the same for others. The energy felt so genuine. And the journaling questions were really good prompts that helped me reflect and get in touch with my feelings and emotions.


I came in to the space with a mind full of thoughts and feelings. During the session I felt validated and had permission to bring the messiness of it all to the table. It was a safe and restful place where I had permission to be myself. I loved the aspect of being able to share and hear from others journeys, especially from others who are navigating with an Asian identity. Thank you Justine for creating this safe space for us to explore areas in our lives we normally may not have the intentional time to dig into.

I came to today’s session with the hope of processing my experiences with others who share similar backgrounds. I found that I learned a great deal from conversations and from the teachers sharing of ideas. The created space honored what I needed in order to be myself, and in the things I learned from others in our breakout group, I could see that things that I have struggled with in the past are getting better. So I left the workshop today feeling hopeful that our struggles are not in vain.

In the past, I would’ve tried to put my experiences into a neat and tidy package. However, life is complicated and through the creative practices during the workshop, I was able to begin to understand that in such a difficult time, there are a lot of struggles – and there also can be a lot of joy. And, this is all okay.