Hi, I'm Justine. I'm a social impact calligrapher

I empower compassionate souls like you to tap into your creativity as a form of powerful self-care so you can impact your world from a full heart in the way you truly want to.

I love collaborating with purpose-driven leaders and community groups to create words and spaces that engage people in meaningful connections I believe meaningful connections lead to “aha!” moments of personal growth, increase belonging, and catalyze compassion in our beautiful yet fractured world.

Let me try to connect some dots with you:

  • You used to love arts and crafts as a kid (or you’re often inspired by the arts). But life has squelched any space or confidence to have some creative fun.
  • You’re a meaning-seeker because you know that life isn’t all about material happiness. You grow through the highs and (especially) the lows of Life. 
  • You care deeply about life and people (watching the news is sometimes too much for your heart to bear). You’re moved to action to help others in need and serve causes close to your heart. 

You’re grateful your life is full, but if you’re honest, your heart is running on empty taking care of everyone else and making a difference in the world.

Doing something relaxing or creative is something you know you want and need, but it feels so hard to do on your own.

Are you resonating with this? You’re not alone. 

I see your heart. 

My aim is to empower you to refresh your heart by infusing self-care into your life with simple creative tools, so you can have the energy to show up and do the impactful work you know you’re meant to do. 

My heart-centered calligraphy workshops create space for you to show up for yourself and experience the peace and “flow” of calligraphy, so you can be inspired to re-engage your life and world with a full heart

More than just a calligraphy class...

Heart centered

We go deeper than pretty letters, beyond technique, empowering you to create with confidence and write truth into your heart. You'll feel less stress, more calm, greater self-awareness, and courage to re-engage your life and world with intentionality.

Community building

In an age of disconnection and loneliness, we engage you in conversation and meaningful connection with others in community and a greater purpose. Everything we do invests back in the community.

Catalyzing impact

We share the messages of our hearts by writing notes of positivity we donate to women in recovery. 10% of proceeds are invested in community causes. By getting creative and using your art for impact, your heart feels good for doing good.

Ready to inspire and refresh your heart?

What People Are Saying

If you're a "Why?" person... and you love hearing the story of how things began. . .

I know exactly what it’s like to feel like there’s never enough of yourself to go around, not enough time or energy to do all the good you want to do. I know how trying to do all the things that tug at your heart can lead to an unsustainable life.

For 30 years my life motto was, “Make the most of every opportunity! Maximize your impact!” While it led me to a fruitful life of no regrets, it also put me on the path to burnout. 

Driven by a fear of missing out, an insecurity to prove my worth by being highly productive, and people pleasing, I crashed and burned at 33. 


Burnout revealed how disconnected I was from myself. The painful process of reforming my identity required courage to discern the roots of what led me to crash, and soul surgery to rewire the truth that I am worthy and I am enough, simply because I am created and loved by an infinite God. 

Recovery meant being vulnerable enough to cultivate honest connections within community. Encouraged by one of my creative communities, I gingerly attempted to exercise my atrophied creative muscles.

The calligraphy I first discovered at the age of 8 came back as a restorative force in my life. I experienced the therapeutic effect of handlettering, and the healing nature of journalling my prayers and meditations. As I practiced, I wrote healing words into my heart. 

Post-burnout, I’m on a journey to serve from a different center, from a heart that is full, one that doesn’t need to be needed by others or prove itself to anyone.

Today I am passionate about helping compassionate souls like you to experience the shift from a heart fully connected and alive by showing you how to use use creativity and community as a form of self-care.

Ready to inspire and refresh your heart?

And finally, a few random stories that have shaped my path

  • My first creative hustle was making and selling “rubber” stamps made out of styrofoam meat trays, selling them to my unsuspecting Grade 4 classmates.  Later, I sold handlettered lick and stick address labels to my snail mail penpals, which I cut and pasted with scissors and glue, and photocopied at the library. 
  • My family moved 6 times in elementary school, I moved19 times as an adult in 7 cities, 4 provinces, at 25 addresses with 37 roommates. I’m old friends with the awkwardness of being the new person, which is why I care so much about community building. 
  • I’m a recovering sugarholic for life. I used to steal my sister’s candy only to discover it was stale! I struggle with emotional overeating (my greatest vice is gourmet ice cream). The quality (or lack thereof) of what I’m eating is a sure sign of what’s going on inside my heart. 
  • My secret dream job for years was to be a career counsellor. I love seeing people light up using their gifts to live and live their life on purpose using all their gifts. That being said, the question I dread the most in small talk is, “So, what do you do?” I’d rather discuss, “What do you love?” (if it corresponds to what you do, then great, but if not, you’re way more than what you do.
  • Growing up in an immigrant home with little overt words of praise, I deeply value words and respect their power to heal or harm. Words are gold to me. Give me a heart felt letter over an expensive gift any day. I’ll probably never be a concise writer (and I’m still learning to be ok with that).