Hello! I’m so glad you’ve come by for a visit.

You’re a meaning-seeker because you know that life isn’t all about material happiness. You grow through the highs and (especially) the lows of Life.

You care deeply about life and people (watching the news is sometimes too much for your heart to bear). You’re moved to action to help others in need and serve causes close to your heart.

You’re grateful your life is full, but if you’re honest, your heart is running on empty taking care of everyone else and making a difference in the world.

Doing something relaxing or creative is something you know you want and need, but it feels so hard to do on your own.

I see your heart. You’re long overdue for a creative date with yourself, or to share a fun meaningful experience with your partner, besties, or group.


I’m Justine,

My aim is to empower you to refresh your heart by infusing self-care into your life with simple creative tools, so you can have the energy to show up and do the impactful work you know you’re meant to do. 

My heart-centered calligraphy workshops create a collaborative relaxed space for you to show up for yourself and experience the peace and “flow” of calligraphy, so you can be inspired to re-engage your life and world with a full heart.

After burning out from a life of saying yes to everything, I revisited my childhood love of calligraphy and discovered its therapeutic nature.

I bring 20 years of experience designing and facilitating workshops, and coaching non-profit leaders in spiritual growth and community development.

I’m based in Vancouver, BC, but am known to have itchy feet to travel, especially for good food, connecting with friends, and taking creative leaps.


If you're a "Why?" person...

… and you love hearing the story of how things began.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel like there’s never enough of yourself to go around, not enough time or energy to do all the good you want to do. I know how trying to do all the things that tug at your heart can lead to an unsustainable life.

For 30 years my life motto was, “Make the most of every opportunity! Maximize your impact!” While it led me to a fruitful life of no regrets, it also put me on the path to burnout. 

Driven by a fear of missing out, an insecurity to prove my worth by being highly productive, and people pleasing, I crashed and burned at 33. 


Burnout revealed how disconnected I was from myself. The painful process of reforming my identity required courage to discern the roots of what led me to crash, and soul surgery to rewire the truth that I am worthy and I am enough, simply because I am created and loved by an infinite God. 

Recovery meant being vulnerable enough to cultivate honest connections within community. Encouraged by one of my creative communities, I gingerly attempted to exercise my atrophied creative muscles.

The calligraphy I first discovered at the age of 8 came back as a restorative force in my life. I experienced the therapeutic effect of handlettering, and the healing nature of journalling my prayers and meditations. As I practiced, I wrote healing words into my heart. 

Post-burnout, I’m on a journey to serve from a different center, from a heart that is full, one that doesn’t need to be needed by others or prove itself to anyone.

Today I am passionate about helping compassionate souls like you to experience the shift from a heart fully connected and alive by showing you how to use use creativity and community as a form of self-care.