Calligraphy Art & Workshops to Refresh You so you can serve your world from a full heart

Empowering Conscious Creatives to Live with Intention & Impact


Connect to your heart. Belong in community. Grow a meaningful life.

Hello! I see you…

  • You’re a compassionate soul, a meaning-seeker, a dreamer of a better tomorrow.
  • You care deeply about life, people, the world, and all the causes you carry in your heart.
  • You crave connection. You believe in the courage that comes from knowing you’re not alone in your efforts to seek change. 

Welcome! Come as you are.

I’m Justine Hwang,  Social Impact Calligrapher and Creative Workshop Host.

Our passion at It Just Flows is to hold space for you to create meaningful connections with yourself, with community, and the world through inspirational words and creative workshop experiences.

Pull up a chair. We welcome your full presence here at our table, gathering with the world online, streaming from Vancouver, Canada.

Let’s use the power of words and community to shine our lights stronger together, shall we?

Pull up a chair. Come as you are, with your whole compassionate, messy self.

Experience lettering as a tool for mindfulness, community building, and social impact.

Gathering online with the world, streaming from Vancouver, Canada.

Addressing Anti-Asian Hate

Calling the Asian/Pacific Islander/South Asian community. We’re holding space for you to be present in the messy middle together. Ground yourself, connect with other AAPI folx, and compassionately  explore what it means to be Asian in these challenging times.

 Mindfulness in the Messy Middle

Make room to cultivate the seeds and sh-tty fertilizer from this season to compassionately explore and honour both the griefs and joys of your pandemic journey. Practice tools to help you move through any season of challenge or transition.
Brush Calligraphy Course title in script style lettering with calligraphy supplies on a desk

Brush Calligraphy Basics

Learn brush pen basics in a script lettering style. Build a foundation for future adventures (gifts, cards, envelopes, pointed pen dip pen calligraphy, endless possibilities, oh my!) This will give you a good base of learning letter forms using markers before moving onto more tricky instruments like brushes and metal nibs/pointed pen dip calligraphy.

Learn Calligraphy with Confidence in Community

Build relationships. Create memories. Manage stress creatively. 


Not just a calligraphy class…

Our passion is creating space for meaningful connections – aha moments, memories, and impact.

Connect with YouRself

Make a date with yourself (you are so worth it!). Reconnect with your heart in a creative, guided, supportive space. Cultivate confidence and compassion, while we coach you in the messy imperfection of creativity (and life!).

Connect with Community

Connect with collective inspiration from like minded compassionate souls. Engage in real time, small group creative experiences. Relieve the discouragement that can come with trying to be creative or seeking change on your own.

Connect with Your world

Gain creative tools to connect in intentional and meaningful ways with the people and causes that you care about. A portion of proceeds will be donated to organizations that fight injustice and support those impacted.

What Our Community Is Saying

Justine held a supportive, loving, and inspiring space where I overcame a huge block and fear around creativity, putting down my judgment and simply created. The laughter and fun of the day effortlessly led me over my own hurdles.


Web Designer

I was nervous but Justine really focuses on where you are, not on technical perfection. Getting into the flow and space of slowness, helped me identify it’s something I really need. The heart workshops connected me to the value of building connections and community.


Project Manager

Justine’s workshops with its conversation and community connected me to my younger self and brought out a whole new side of me. I used to have huge expectations of art, but now I nurture it slowly and regularly. I love how it feeds me and in turn feeds others. I enjoy coming together for a greater purpose, using words as a powerful way to impact others.



Words to Spark Hope

Love the look of lettering but want inspirational words ready-to-hang, without the hours of practice? Want to send some words of affirmation to create a meaningful connection with your loved ones? We’ve got you covered!