Hello there. I see you. I see your big heart.

You’re a compassionate soul, a meaning-seeker, a dreamer of a better tomorrow. You care deeply about life, people, and the world. You’re craving doing something relaxing and creative to recharge your heart.

Welcome, kindred spirit, good to connect with you here.

I’m Justine Hwang, a Social Impact Calligrapher and Workshop Coach. My passion is to create space for meaningful connections so you can impact your world from a full heart.

I create inspirational art, cards, and journals, and host heart-centered calligraphy workshops in Vancouver, BC. where lettering becomes a tool for self-care, community building, and social impact.

Let’s use the power of positive words and community to shine our lights stronger together, shall we?

Inspirational Art

Love the look of lettering but want inspirational words ready-to-hang, without the hours of practice? Want to send some words of affirmation to create a meaningful connection with your loved ones? Let my inspirational cards, prints, and journals fuel your heart and relationships with inspiration.


Public Workshops

Learn calligraphy in my workshops in Vancouver, BC where lettering becomes a tool for creative self-care, while connecting with others and giving back to the community in these heart centered workshops that will inspire you.


Private Workshops

Book a private creative workshop for your group of friends to celebrate special events (or the ordinary times), corporate team building events for staff, or retreats. Have fun, make memories, and strengthen bonds.


Workshop Coaching

Are you a creative who wants to learn how to share your passion with others by teaching workshops but have no idea where to begin? Grow your business and impact by hosting transformative workshops that resonate with and build a community of connected fans.

The Difference We Make: Not Just a Calligraphy Class



We go deeper than pretty letters, beyond technique, empowering you to create with confidence and write truth into your heart. You'll feel less stress, more calm, greater self-awareness, and courage to re-engage your life and world with intentionality.


Community building

In an age of disconnection and loneliness, we engage you in conversation and meaningful connection with others in community and a greater purpose. Everything we do invests back in the community.


Impacting the world

We share the messages of our hearts by writing notes of positivity we donate to marginalized people in recovery. 10% of proceeds are invested in community causes. By getting creative and using your art for impact, your heart feels good for doing good.

Positive Words

“Justine’s workshop sparked a dormant passion in me. There was this excitement in the group together as we were writing and sharing ideas, laughing, doing something fun for positive change.” ~Nina

“Justine held a supportive, loving, and inspiring space where I overcame a huge block and fear around creativity, putting down my judgment and simply created. The laughter and fun of the day effortlessly led me over my own hurdles.” ~Karen

“I was nervous but Justine really focuses on where you are, not on technical perfection. Getting into the flow and space of slowness, helped me identify it’s something I really need. The heart workshops connected me to the value of building connections and community.” ~Pam